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[audio]Omaha Party: Episode 12: Pet Costumes, Tales Of Poe, And A Mystery Photo - Max Sparber
A visit to haunted Lynch park, a dog costume contest, and a Poe play.
Keywords: Omaha; hauntings; Poe; pets
Downloads: 3
[audio]Weird Chicago Readio - Episode 2 - Adam Selzer, Ken Melvoin-Berg
Adam and Ken discuss the theories of the nature and physics of ghosts.
Keywords: ghosts, hauntings, chicago
Downloads: 1,432
[audio]Chicago Unbelievable: Dunning Part 1 - Adam Selzer, Hector Reyes, Erin Pieshke
Adam and Hector journey out to an abandoned cemetery once used by an insane asylum - approximately 38,000 unmarked graves, including a couple of killers.
Keywords: ghosts; hauntings; history; chicago
Downloads: 585
[audio]Good Answer - The S.I.T.E. Group
ghost answering good
Keywords: ghosts; hauntings; evp; paranorma
Downloads: 50
[audio]Rutland Bridge - The SITE Group
Were wrapping up a investigation of Rutland Bridge on August 17, 2008. More than 20 years ago a man supposedly killed his wife by beheading her and disposed of her remains in the waters below Rutland Bridge. We headed to the truck and you will hear Anna G. knocking the dirt off her shoes. A SITE Guest say to her, "I'll let you cut it off." and she replies, "alright." Then you hear the EVP. We are still trying to figure out what the voice is saying.
Keywords: ghosts; hauntings; evp
Downloads: 31
[audio]House Ghost - Psychic Reporter
Erin tells the story of a ghost in her house as a child. And Sharon tells of a ghost at a friend's home
Keywords: ghost; hauntings; old lady
Downloads: 46
[audio]It Scared Me - The SITE Group
EVP cought by SITE. You here the lead investigator ask a question then you here a spirit answer "It scared me"
Keywords: EVP; Ghosts; Hauntings
Downloads: 30
[audio]Orange Light - The SITE Group
Just before you hear the investigator say "Its in the orange light" you can clearly hear an audio anomaly. We believe it to be the voice of a young female spirit
Keywords: Ghosts; EVP; evp; hauntings
Downloads: 64
[movies]Paranormal Investigation of Barrie Phillipe Salon - Simon Monk
Highlights from a paranormal investigation conducted at the Barrie Phillipe Salon in Aldershot, Hants, UK November 2004
Keywords: paranormal; ghosts; hauntings
Downloads: 563 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Weird Chicago: The Haunted Tattoo Parlor (re-broadcast) - Adam Selzer, Ken Melvoin-Berg
re-broadcast of our investigation of Old Town Tatu (alias Odin Tatu), a haunted site soon to be featured on all sorts of TV shows
Keywords: ghosts; hauntings; halloween; chicago; paranormal
Downloads: 1,549
[audio]LIGHT Paranormal Radio - LIGHT Paranormal Research
The Long Island Ghost Hunting Team gets on the air from Old Westbury, NY at a beautiful Gold Coast Mansion. We play some EVP's from previous investigations as well as dicuss our views on how our paranormal community can change.
Keywords: ghosts; hauntings; unexplained; mysteries; history; science
Downloads: 211
[audio]Island Ghost Radio - Donna Master Psychic Counselor - 06-07-09 - Island Ghost Radio
Join us as we chat with Donna, Master Psychic Counselor and Founder/Director of G.H.O.S.T. in Delaware. We discuss hauntings, investigating and Donna's psychic techniques.
Keywords: Psychic; ghosts; evp; orbs; hauntings; investigations
Downloads: 783
[audio]ClubZero Paranormal - Chris Andrews
Our very first podcast. Bringing interviews, news reviews and updates regards the Paranormal
Keywords: ghosts; hauntings; spirits; supernatural; clubzero; mediums; paranormal
Downloads: 55
[audio]Ghostology ep 1: Roxan Ownen Interview - Scott Brian
On ghostology podcast: Scott Brian interview Roxanne Owen about her energy work and how it may relate to the paranormal.
Keywords: Ghosts; Ghostology; Energy Work; paranormal; supernatral; hauntings
Downloads: 15
[audio]Planet Macabre Episode 004
Freaky Hauntings
Keywords: planet; macabre; horror; podcast; freaky; hauntings
Downloads: 17
[audio]ClubZero Paranormal - ClubZero Paranormal
Episode 2. ClubZero interview Paranormal Investigators Steve and Susanne Taggart from UK Shadow Seekers and Keeping The Paranormal Friendly
Keywords: ghosts; hauntings; spirits; paranormal; mediums; supernatural; groups
Downloads: 43
[audio]Island Ghost Radio - John Zaffis - 08-17-09 - Island Ghost Radio
On this week's show we reveal the results of our "What is a demon?" poll and discuss our personal views on the subject. Our guest is John Zaffis, paranormal investigator and one of the most prominent Demonologist in the field.
Keywords: demons; Zaffis; ghots; Demonologist; paranormal; hauntings
Downloads: 1,008
[movies]The Vestris ( 1958) - Hal Roach Studios
A classic piece of TV from 1958 starring the great Boris Karloff. The story tells of mysterious happenings on board the ship the vestris, one of the passengers starts to see ghostly visions, is the ship haunted or is something else at work? This drama was part of Telephone Time, a series of one off stories presented by the leading phone company. This episode is now taken as the unofficial pilot for the Boris Karloff series called The Veil.
Keywords: Bori karloff; ghosts; hauntings; television; pilot
Downloads: 122
[audio]Tom Baker interview on Stirring the Cauldron with Marla Brooks - Anonymous
Interview with author Tom Baker, author of Haunted Indianapolis and Other Indiana Ghost Stories with John Tichenal
Keywords: ghosts; paranormal; interviews; ghost authors; supernatural; paranormal; hauntings
Downloads: 20
[audio]Paraspeak Radio Show episode #1 airdate 10/3/10
Paraspeak's first show. We feature Chris from Spookyfinder.com, who will be here to tell us about some of Michigan's most haunted attractions for the season as well as his new website. We also featured paranormal investigator/author Nicole Bray, founder of the West Michigan Ghosthunter Society and John Statler giving us an update from out west.
Keywords: paranormal; ghosts; spirits; talk radio; talkshow; supernatural; hauntings; ufo
Downloads: 20
[audio]Deblois Investigation - Anna Ghosthunter
A basic EVP analysis-October 9th,2007
Keywords: ghost; hauntings; investigations; ghosts; spirits; evp; audio; whispers; deblois
Downloads: 122
[audio]Graceland Corbett Podcast 12: 16: 13, 2.37 PM - Adam Selzer, Ray Johnson
Searching for the grave of a deranged Victorian private detective who weaseled his way into the HH Holmes investigation.
Keywords: ghosts; chicago; history; crime; serial killers; hauntings; paranormal
Downloads: 310
[movies]Grimoire The Haunting Music Video Peters Murphy Coukis - peter coukis
video short oabout a haunting at a prestigious New England girls school. music and film by peter coukis
Keywords: horror; hauntings; ambient music; video short; music film; peter coukis
Downloads: 12
[audio]Just Energy Radio - 11/27/09 - Dr. Rita Louise - Dr. Rita Louise
Investigating The Truth: What Do YOU Think? Dr. Rita Louise will be opening up the phone lines to callers to discuss what they think about topics such as: Ancient Mysteries, UFO's, Ghosts & the Paranormal, Psychic Abilities & Conspiracy Theories. Is there more going on than we are being told? Call in and tell us what you thi...nk, feel or believe to be true.
Keywords: truth; ancient mysteries; ufos; ghost hauntings; conspiracy theories
Downloads: 2,210
[texts]Special Book Preview: Haunted Indianapolis - BBaker
A special book preview of Haunted Indianapolis published by Schiffer Books.Website:www.schifferghsots.com.
Keywords: hauntings; ghosts; paranormal; demonic possession; exorcism; psychic powers; unexplained; mysteries
Downloads: 163
[audio]Animal Ghosts - Elliott O'Donnell
LibriVox recording of Animal Ghosts, by Elliott O'Donnell. Read by Allyson Hester. This is a collection of ghost stories in which the antagonists are various animals. Divided up into chapters of ghost sightings by each group of animals, you will hear of hauntings by dogs, cats, birds, jungle animals, etc. (Summary by Allyson Hester) For further information, including links to online text, reader information, RSS feeds, CD cover or other formats (if available), please go to the LibriVox catalog p...
Keywords: librivox; audio books; fiction; ghost stories; horror stories; hauntings
Downloads: 55,521
[movies]Soulseekers Ghost Hunters Trailer - soulseekers
Title Soulseekers Ghost Hunters Trailer User soulseekers Date uploaded 2008-02-16 11:39 Description Soulseekers Ghost Hunters trailer. We are an enthusiastic team of ghost hunters investigating haunted locations around the World. Based in England, Soulseekers was founded in 2003 by SarahJane O'Neill and Gil Martin. Our objective is to provide some solid evidence of the paranormal. We take a rational and logical, but open-minded approach to our investigations...
Keywords: trailer; ghost hunters; ghosts; haunted; hauntings; hd; investigators; mobisodes; orbs; paranormal; phenomenon; supernatural; television; unexplained
Downloads: 7
[audio]Devilment - Aarene Storms
A story of boasting, consequences, and haunting in the North County
Keywords: Devil; devilment; horse; bragging; boasting; hauntings; ghosts; scary; Hallowe'en story
Downloads: 51
[movies]PHANTOMS OF ROSE HILL Film And Music By Peter Coukis - Peter Coukis
a dark journey through the creepy annals of time.
Keywords: dark ambient; gothic; eerie; shrot film; ghosts; hauntings; peter coukis; director; animation; dolls; underground
Downloads: 33
[audio]TOC153ANightTerrorOnODDStreet - the ODDCAST
Keywords: talk; radio; comedy; news; podcast; halloween; paranormal; night terrors; errorfm.com; terrorfm; dreams; nightmares; ghosts; hauntings; jean pierre
Downloads: 113
[audio]Case File #3361 - The Shadow People
Shadows moving on their own, are they sentient beings? Guests Rich McHale and Ben Worcester sit down with Eric to examine the various theories as to what these "Shadow People" and their head honcho "The Hat Man" really are. Are they ghosts, demons, astral projections, time travelers, aliens, The Devil, or Abraham Lincoln? Why is the show's sound mixer losing power during the episode, could it be that they are draining our energy in an attempt to manifest themselves to us? All of this and more, p...
Keywords: podcast; conspiracy theory; government; parody; fbi; cia; cover-ups; shadow people; ghosts; goblins; listener mail; hauntings; lies; tales; tricks; podcast
Downloads: 4,226
Downloads: 32
[audio]SE4E20: Hidden Cash, Doris Bither, and Titanc
Season Four Episode Twenty 5/29/2014
Keywords: podcast; paranormal; project labyrinth; ghosts; demons; doris bither; the entity; leonardo dicaprio; titanic; jokes; funny; elliot rodger; hunger games; weird news; odd news; anomalies; hauntings
Downloads: 104
[audio]Sector 5 Radio...June.4.2011...Hour.1 - Dice Media Group
Captain Proton and Toad interview paranormal investigator Robert Reppart of GoldRushGhosts.com
Keywords: Robert Reppart; Gold Rush Ghosts; interview; Captain Proton; Toad; paranormal activity; afterlife; hauntings; haunted; ghost; Sector Five Radio; 5; K-Talk AM 630; Salt Lake City; Utah
Downloads: 12
[texts]Haunted Indianapolis and Other Indiana Ghost Stories: Special Preview - Tom Baker
Master storyteller, Tom Baker and ghost investigator Jonathan Titchenal relate over twenty-five haunting tales! Experience torment, terror, and genuine chills! Download and enjoy this SPECIAL PREVIEW of Haunted Indianapolis and Other Indiana Ghost Stories by Tom Baker and Jonathan Titchenal. This book is available from www.schifferghosts.com, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers, as well as Barnes and Noble stores throughout Indiana.
Keywords: ghosts; ghost stories; hauntings; haunted Indiana; paranormal stories; non-fiction; book previews; free downloads; demonic possession; ghosts; ghostly; haunted houses; haunted places
Downloads: 404
[audio]Sector 5 Radio..07.31.2010..Hour.1 - Dice Media Group
Dickie Shannon interviews guests Michael Zimmer, Steve Kalm, and Ghost Girl Michelle from the Salt Lake TAPS - The Atlantic Paranormal Society! Hear EVP clips of real entity voices, ghost hunting experiences, and get all the details about who they are and how it all works! Hour 1 of 2.
Keywords: Sector Five Radio; 5; K-Talk; TAPS; The Alantic Paranormal Society; Salt Lake City; Michael Zimmer; Steve Kalm; Ghost Girl Michelle; Dickie Shannon; EVP; EVP's; hauntings; ghosts; entities; house
Downloads: 18
[audio]Sector 5 Radio..07.31.2010..Hour.2 - Dice Media Group
Dickie Shannon interviews guests Michael Zimmer, Steve Kalm, and Ghost Girl Michelle from the Salt Lake TAPS - The Atlantic Paranormal Society! Hear EVP clips of real entity voices, ghost hunting experiences, and get all the details about who they are and how it all works! Hour 2 of 2.
Keywords: Sector Five Radio; 5; TAPS; The Atlantic Paranormal Society; Michael Zimmer; Steve Kalm; Ghost Girl Michelle; Dickie Shannon; EVP; EVP's; hauntings; entities; ghosts; haunted house; Salt Lake City; Utah
Downloads: 13
[audio]Sector 5 Radio...June.4.2011...Hour.2 - Dice Media Group
Captain Proton and Toad continue their interview with paranormal investigator Robert Reppart of GoldRushGhosts.com
Keywords: Robert Reppart, Gold Rush Ghosts, Captain Proton, Toad, Sector Five Radio, 5, ghosts, afterlife, dead, zombies, haunted, hauntings, paranormal activity, investigator, K-Talk AM 630, Salt Lake City, Utah
Downloads: 9
[audio]Episode 36: Ghost Shit - Acid Pop Cult
Seth Koozer joins the group for a round table debate on ghosts, goblins, and creepy crawlies. The gang bring us a few flicks to check out around the Halloween season. It's a good one. Special thanks to Seth for stopping by.
Keywords: Jeremy L. Morrison; Roxy; Lee Arnold; Seth Koozer; Ghosts; Goblins; Hauntings; Haunted Prisons; Lizzy Borden; Borden House; Reality Show; Showtime; House; Hausu; The Exorcist 3; Sinister; Ethan Hawke; Episode 36; Episode 36 Ghost Shit; George C. Scott; David LaChappelle; Joe Chappelle; Halloween 6; Donald Pleasence; Sean Cunningham; Last House on the Left; Halloween; Halloween 2012; trick or treat; costumes; walmart; fantasy football
Downloads: 102
[audio]Island Ghost Radio - Shannon Sylvia - 05-08-09 - Island Ghost Radio
We met Shannon at Ghostock 7 and really loved her presentation, so we had to have her on the show. Thanks again Shannon.
Keywords: Ghosts; ghost; spirit; spectre; haunted; haunts; scary; spooky; ghost hunters; investigations; long; island; paranormal investigators; dead; evp; haunting; death; afterlife; phantom; apparitions; new york; long island paranormal; podcast; radio; talk; talk radio; ghost investigators; long island ghost investigators; paranormal; suffolk county; nassau county; hauntings; haunted; investigate; investigation; spirits; poltergeist; evp; emf; ghost photography; paranormal research
Downloads: 706
[audio]Island Ghost Radio Promo - Island Ghost Radio
This is just a silly promo we made for the show. On this podcast we will mix our serious side with some fun. Join us as we talk about all things paranormal.
Keywords: Ghosts; ghost; spirit; spectre; haunted; haunts; scary; spooky; ghost hunters; investigations; long; island; paranormal investigators; dead; evp; haunting; death; afterlife; phantom; apparitions; new york; long island paranormal; podcast; radio; talk; talk radio; ghost investigators; long island ghost investigators; paranormal; suffolk county; nassau county; hauntings; haunted; investigate; investigation; spirits; poltergeist; evp; emf; ghost photography; paranormal research
Downloads: 713
[audio]Freezone 11-1-8 - Rex Church.
Freezone 11-1-8 - Rex Church. Interview and discussion. Early America, Masons, hellfire caves, Benjamin Franklin, rituals, Christianity, dark magic, faith, spring equinox, eve of Astara, May 1, San Francisco, the dark side, sins, pride, the lands of hell, the left-hand path, Hollywood, Kenneth Anger, Lucifer Rising, John Travolta, William Shatner, The Devil's Reign, Eddie Albert, Green Acres, 23, Sammy Davis Jr, Scientology, money, Crowley, JPL, Hubbard, tens of thousands of dollars, magick, st...
Keywords: Freezone; Freeman; Fritzie; Benjamin Franklin; rituals; Christianity; dark magic; faith; spring equinox; eve of Astara; May 1; May day; San Francisco; the dark side; sins; pride; hell; the left-hand path; Hollywood; Kenneth Anger; John Travolta; William Shatner; 23; Sammy Davis Jr; Scientology; money; Crowley; JPL; Hubbard; tens of thousands of dollars; magick; study of the human mind; hermetic; alchemical; quabbalistic; divination; witchcraft; masonry; schoolboys; beginners; monarchy; Rasputin; forgiveness; sex; kundalini; carnal; transcendent; Tibet; spirituality; flagellation rites; technomagic; DARPA; grant; electronics; Germany; pre-WWI; Tesla technology; government; remote viewing; psi-tech; psychotronic weapons; biotelemetry; occult warfare; bioplasmic technology; OSS; CIA; Nazis; hauntings; creativity; imagination; concentration; goals; cities; overstimulation; Lovecraft; subjective universe; mythology; St Augustine FL; obelisk; Cadduces; 2012; paradigm shift
Downloads: 295
[audio]4th Watch With Justen Faull Paranormal Case Files Lincolnton NC - Justen Faull
In this episode Justen recounts his paranormal experiences from his road trip to Lincolnton, North Carolina. What started as a weekend trip to interview a victim of demonic events, ended up being a ravaging excursion of the fourth kind. The adventure includes ancient entities and manifestations, as well as automatic carvings and haunted historic mysteries. Join us tonight for these and much more! This is one broadcast you won't want to miss!
Keywords: 4th Watch; 4th Watch Radio; 4th Watch with Justen Faull; 4th Watch Radio Network; Fourth Watch; Fourth Watch with Justen Faull; Fourth Watch Radio; Fourth Watch Radio Network; FWRN; Paranormal; Paranormal Investigation; Haunted Houses; Haunting; Haunted Land; Haunted Plantations; Haunted Slave Quarters; Automatic Writing; Demons; Demon Possession; Aliens; Channeling; Supernatural; UFOS; Esoteric; Religion; Spirituality; Ghost Adventures; Adventure; Nightmares; Dreams; Succubus; Spirits; Spiritism; New Age Deception; New Age; Lincolnton; North Carolina; North Carolina Hauntings; Paranormal History; Mary Cali; Hagmann and Hagmann; Tom Horn; Steve Quayle; L.A. Marzulli; David Icke; Alex Jones; Infowars; Prison Planet; Coast to Coast; Coast 2 Coast; Art Bell; Ghost Hunters; Paranormal Activity; The Fourth Kind; Fourth Kind; 4th Kind; Bible; Bible Study; Bible Teaching; Encouragement; Scripture; Talk; Talk Radio; Christianity; Christian Radio; Christian Talk Radio; Deliverance; Bob Larson; KAPOW; KAPOW SHOW; Patrick Meechan; Horror
Downloads: 49
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